Processing of Lead-shielded Cable (PILC)

US EPA has stringent rules for the processing of lead-shielded cable.

G&S Technologies can test all of your lead-shielded cable (PILC cable) and process cable with less than 49 ppm PCB. Testing is conducted prior to arrival to determine the PCB concentration in accordance with US EPA protocols. Cables are then transported to G&S Technologies' processing facility, where the lead is manually removed from the cable, bailed and forwarded to a lead smelter. The copper is placed in our furnace for fire-cleansing, bailed and forwarded to a copper smelter. The oily paper is bailed and sent to a recycling facility for its copper content.

For cable with greater than 49 ppm PCBs, G&S can coordinate processing by our sister company, TCI of Alabama.

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