Transformer Sampling, Removal, Disposal & Recycling

Owners of oil-filled electrical equipment are responsible for its safe and proper handling from “cradle to grave.” To ensure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, utilities, businesses and industry turn to G&S Technologies for sampling, removal, disposal and recycling of obsolete transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment, including:

  • Pole-mounted transformers
  • Pad-mounted transformers
  • Regulators
  • Substation transformers
  • Switches
  • Breakers
  • Bushings
  • Capacitors
  • Non-PCB Oil (MODEF)
  • PILC Cable
  • Gas pipe
  • Gas meters

Our highly specialized process ensures that your obsolete transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment are transported and recycled safely, efficiently and in strict accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In addition to processing your equipment, G&S Technologies takes responsibility for completing all required state and federal documentation, ensuring that you are in full compliance throughout these processes. In short, G&S takes and processes your transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment and gives you peace-of-mind.

Sampling & Testing

G&S Technologies will conduct on-site sampling for PCB levels and analyze those samples at G&S’s in-house laboratory, equipped with nine New York- and New Jersey-certified gas chromatography instruments. In some instances, our customers prefer to ship samples to G&S, or to conduct their own sampling and provide us with the test results.

Pumping & Oil Disposal

Once PCB levels have been determined, G&S will drain the transformers into vacuum tankers and transport the oil for treatment.


Through strategic partnerships with certified waste hauling contractors across the U.S., G&S is able to provide safe and prompt pick-up and transport of your oil-filled electrical equipment. Available vehicles include:

  • Flatbeds with sides and secondary containment
  • Single drops (with and without secondary containment)
  • Double drops
  • Goldhoffer trailers for super-heavy hauls (in excess of 100 tons)
  • Vans (45, 48 or 53 ft)
  • Vacuum tankers for oil draining

Drained equipment that previously contained less than 500 ppm PCBs is shipped to G&S Technologies’ processing facility for dismantling and recycling. Equipment that previously contained 500 ppm PCBs or greater is processed in partnership with our sister company, TCI of Alabama.

Recycling and Disposal

Upon arrival at G&S, your equipment is dismantled and prepared for recycling.

Transformer cores are placed in our scrap metal recovery oven for thermal treatment and removal of combustibles such as paper and wood that have been infused with PCBs and other oils. Depending on PCB levels, transformer shells are treated in our oven or otherwise decontaminated. Cleaned metals are shipped to steel mills or metal smelting facilities for further processing and re-use. Residual dielectric fluid containing less than 50 ppm PCBs is collected and sent either to our sister company, Hydrodec North America LLC, or another contractor where it is processed and converted into re-usable oil. Hydrodec uses a specialized hydrogen-based technology to refine oil into resable, PCB-free transfomer oil.

Certification of Disposal

A certificate of disposal will be issued for all regulated material within 30 days of final processing.

To learn more about our services, please call us at (201) 998-9244 or 1-800-5NON-PCB or click here.