Transformer Testing, Repair & Rebuilding

If you have non-PCB transformers (Less than 49 ppm PCBs) for which repair may be feasible, G&S Technologies will work with you to evaluate your options. Our skilled technicians will conduct electrical TTR, megohmetter testing tests on core and coil, and dielectric strength tests on the insulating oil to determine if repair, reconditioning or rewinding is advisable.

Repair, reconditioning and rewinding are performed by our sister company, Northeast Transformer Services (NETS) of Preble, NY. NETS is a full-service rebuilding facility offering distribution transformer repair and testing for pole mount and pad mount units, single or three phase, between one and 2,500/kVA. NETS also offers reconditioning of regulators and network transformers. After repair, all units are painted and tested per ANSI standards.

To learn more about our services, please call us at (201) 998-9244 or 1-800-5NON-PCB or click here.